Experience Northern Gotland



- Seal safari with RIB boat at Rute Misslauper on the eastern shore of Gotland between Kyllaj (20 km) and Bungenäs (30 km).


Tourist Attractions


- Take a walk into Kappelshamn (850 meter) and visit the little harbor with its fishing huts. One of the huts is a museum.

- At Träskmyr, 2 km southwest, you will find the largest ”great swamp sawgrass” in northern Europe and a tower for birdwatching.

- At Hångers Källa, 8 km south, Isak Kolmodin wrote one of Sweden's most popular psalm ”Den blomstertid nu kommer”.

- Elinghems Ödekyrka from 1400-century located 12 km west. It is one the one hundred beautiful churches. It is very popular for outdoor weddings.

- At the other side of the bay is Bläse (13 km) with its limestone museum. The quarry is located 1,1 km north of the harbor. You can take a walk or use the small train with its locomotive from Rjukan in Norway. In the water filled quarry you could catch a trout.

- Hallshuk, 14 km north, is located very beautifully and their picturesque fishing huts and above all the lighthouse.

- Stenkusten (the Stone coast), the shingle beach far out at the eastern coast, is incredibly beautiful.

- Being close to Fårö makes it a must (26 km to the ferry). You will find a lot to see and experience. Some of our favorites are Gamle hamn/Lauterhorn, the lighthouse Fårö fyrLanghammars with its rauks (sea stacks), the Bergman museum, the sandy beach at Sudersand, the area with blowing sand made of quarts and feldspar at Ulla hau, and last but not least - you can't leave Fårö without having a crepe at Kutens Bensin.



Bath And Food

- You can have a swim at Kappelshamns IK’s dock 100 m from the camping, or at the public beach, a sandy beach with a dock about 800 meters towards the village Centre.

- The restaurant Langers Inn is located in the old grocery store 900 m north. Open Fridays to Sundays in June to August and daily from June 22 to August 12.

- Restaurant Gotlandsvåfflan, 1,8 km south, is serving both dessert waffles as more filling waffles.

- To southwest you will find Ireviken (14 km) and Lickershamn (20 km), two popular bays with harbors, beaches and restaurants.

- Blå Lagunen, 18 km north, is a well-known old limestone quarry which now is a popular bathing area.

- There are other limestone quarries which are available for bathing, for example 21 km south Smöjen close to Kyllaj. This quarrie is only for people who can swim. 

- Café Maffen, well known for their shrimp sandwiches, located 25 km east, in the village Fårösund open yearly.


Sport And Sauna


- Kappelshamns IK, playing football in division 6, play at the football field by the camping during evenings.  If you like you can participate when the club have their trainings.

- Wednesday and Sunday evenings, it is ”bollkul” (fun with a ball) for everybody.

- At Saturdays Kappelshamns IK have a public sauna, 20 SEK per person. 4-6 pm for men, 6-8 pm for ladies and 8-10 pm for mixed.

- Gotland Bike Park, located in Slite (16 km), do have everything from light family biking along the shoreline on small dirt roads, fast biking on country roads with minor traffic to challenging terrain for MTB enthusiasts. They also have bikes and biking gear for rent.


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